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Get the gist of how a girl is solving problems with data

Welcome to my little corner where I keep you informed on events and how I solve problems with data.

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My name is Moyosore Lawal Balogun. I am a Data and Analytics Professional who is passionate about solving problems with data.

Growing up, when most kids knew what they wanted to be in the future, I had no clue what I wanted, but what I did not want to be was apparent. Thinking about it now, I knew what I wanted to do but did not want to go to school for it. My friends and I went to the library to get a gigantic career book, and, oh boy, I saw so many I did not even know existed, but none felt right. I could not just imagine doing most of the jobs I saw around. Another thing was I had an unusual combination of classes for my time – Literature, Geography, Sciences - Physics, Chemistry, but no Biology – everyone in my grade did all sciences but me. My favorites were Math, Physics, and Further Maths. They just made more sense to me, hahaha.

Well, I had to go to college, so a close family friend and our English home tutor – Professor Clement O. O. Kolawole – suggested Computer Information Systems (CIS). Now, that got me excited, and I have not looked back since then. With CIS, I was able to combine my distinct interests and found my niche – Data! When I started working with data, there was not much value for it compared to now. I kept at it and leveraged my data skills for everything else I did. Data has always been essential. It is critical for decision-making in every industry at every level.

My goal is to empower individuals and companies to benefit from the value of data by coaching, strategizing, and implementing solutions for them. I understand what it means to be clueless about something, and I believe in simplicity. I know how overwhelming starting this journey can be for aspiring analysts/engineers and companies. I am on a mission to solve problems with data, bridging the digital gap for kids and decision-makers. This page is my little corner to showcase the work and share my experiences.

I hope you get to share this with friends and family. Let us begin to solve problems differently.

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You can get an optimistic outlook towards your goals and your plans by getting another perspective. With the fast pace of technology advancement and data adoption, it is even easier to have blind spots in our thinking. I am willing to be your coach and a soundboard dedicated to helping you succeed in your data journey. This session is entirely free and easy to set up. I speak English and Yoruba and I have a translator handy. Please click on the link below, I am here rooting for your success!

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Moyo has been 100% instrumental to the success of my business. I own an African fashion store in North Carolina. She took the time to understand our operations and implemented data gathering capabilities. Over time, she was able to analyze our trends to recommend the best way to move the business forward. She brings a refreshingly different perspective that can be pivotal for a business. Her dedication to work and achieving success is unparalleled.

Bukola Olasimbo
Owner, Koubix Fabrics & Ethnic Outfits, Charlotte, USA


Thanks for contacting me!

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